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(08-02-04)  It's been almost a year since my last update, and there have been so many changes that it is taking forever to update all the different player changes.  I even have to change my "new" logo to get rid of Francis, Griffin, and Mobley.  It is an exciting time to be a Rocket fan and I can't wait to see what the upcoming season brings.

(09-03-03)  The Rockets made some personnel changes today.  They traded Glen Rice to Utah for John Amaechi.  With the money freed up from losing Rice's contract they also signed free-agent shooting guard / small forward Jim Jackson.  Amaechi is an odd player who doesn't rebound well and who's desire to play in the NBA has been questioned at times.  With Cato still on the team, Amaechi's role is not 100% clear.  Jackson will most likely take over the role Rice had filled the last couple seasons.  Jackson should provide better athleticism and better defense, but can't be expected to hit the 3-pointer as consistent as Rice.  Overall, not bad pickups, but not blockbuster either.

2003 Jerseys

(09-28-03)  The uniforms were recently unveiled.  Internet snoops brought them to the public before the team could, but that's almost to be expected nowadays.  The new design is very simple and has a retro feel.  When comparing them to what the team had recently, I cannot complain.  However, when comparing them to the design we had during the championship years, I can.  The jerseys look a little too much like a WNBA jersey to me, or maybe a practice jersey, and I could do without the style they used for the number.  Either way, they're a thousand times better than the cartoon pajamas we had to endure the past few seasons.  Click on the image to view them full-sized.

(07-08-03)  Updates have been few and far between lately.  There are many reasons for that, but regardless of which, there's big news.  The Rockets announced today the first step in revealing their new logo.  Judge for yourself.  My opinion is that the "R" does look like it is dripping blood and NOT like it is "blasting off".  And the ring should be more distinctive, but overall it is definitely an improvement over the last logo we had.
New Logo

(03-30-03)  The Rockets are still scrapping.  The final spot for the playoffs has not been determined and there are only 9 games left.  Unfortunately,  Rudy T's health problems are not only a concern for Tomjanovich, but also the capability of this team.  Not to downplay the seriousness of Rudy's recent cancer revelation, but our team needs him.  He may not be the best strategic coach ever, but his presence is a stabilizing force, especially with our young team.  This is besides the fact that any other option the Rockets have would be a step down from Rudy.  Fortunately, the team has kept its composure throughout the absence of their head coach.  Although they've lost to some good teams, they have beaten the poor teams.  I don't think we could've asked for or expected much else.  Here's to wishing for a quick recovery and return for Rudy Tomjanovich and for the Rockets making the playoffs!

(02-27-03)  Well, things do not look promising for the young Rockets.  After Phoenix's win yesterday and our loss tonight against the Wizards, the Rockets are now a full game out of the final playoff spot.  They've gone 7 - 13 since their high-water mark after 38 games.  What's frustrating is the team's inability to be consistent.  One night Francis scores 34 points, but Cuttino shoots 2 - 13.  The next night, Mobley scores 28, but Francis shoots 1 - 12.  They can't seem to get on the same page.  Ming isn't much more consistent either.  Put those three main cogs on a team with streaky shooters like Posey, or just plain bad shooters like Griffin, and consistency becomes a carrot on 12' pole.

(01-28-03)  The Rockets are getting hard to figure out.  Just when you thought they were cruising towards the playoffs at 23 - 15, they lose four straight.  The San Antonio and Dallas games were understandable, but the next two against Detroit and Chicago hurt.  We are still in the 8th playoff spot, but the Lakers are behind us and who knows how long they'll be there.  I just wonder how we can continue to win with players, who play a significant role on the team, and shoot UNDER .400 (Griffin-.391, Taylor-.381, Posey-.385)?  And, Hawkins (.373 - But only 16.52mpg), Rice (.406), and Moochie (.414) aren't far behind.

(12-13-02)  Things are looking up for the young Rockets.  They've recently beat the Spurs, Sixers, and Kings.  Francis is playing strong, and Yao Ming is putting in good performances on a more consistent basis.  We have a strong bench, which will only help us as the long season progresses.

(07-10-02)  Everything is no longer solely good news for the Rockets.  Draft pick Bostjan Nachbar is apparently in need of hernia surgery.  While he shouldn't miss a significant portion of the season (at least we hope that's not the case) it is the first dent to the Rocket's newfound optimism.  All Rocket fans know the impact injuries had on our team last year.  Let's hope they avoid a repeat.

(06-26-02)  The Rockets went and did it.  They drafted the 7'5" Yao Ming with the number one pick in the 2002 NBA draft.  It is the first time a foreign player has been picked #1.  I would've preferred the Rockets trade the pick, but Ming does give me something to root for.  He's definitely an underdog, even at seven and a half feet tall.  Rumors still swirl around the Rockets, and I sure hope they're not done dealing.  I wish next season would hurry up and start already.
Change is Good!

(05-19-02)  The impossible happened!  Well, almost impossible.  The Rockets only had a 8.9% chance of landing the #1 pick in next year's draft.  But, that's all they needed.  The question is now what do they do with it?  Do they draft Jason Williams the exciting young point guard, or the intriguing 7'5" Ming of China, or do they trade the pick for an established player?  Who knows what Carrol Dawson and the rest of the Rocket team will come up with, but let's hope it all works out for the best come next season.

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The most well-known new player to join the ranks of the Houston Rockets is Tracy MacGrady.  Two other key members of the trade that brought TMac here are Tyronn Lue and Juwan Howard.  2nd-year player, Reece Gains, also came over from Orlando and Vassilis Spanoulis is a rookie from Greece.


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